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New collection

Osanna is drawn to magnificent shapes and patterns found in nature which are otherwise taken for granted. During an excursion to Mount Etna, she was captivated by the lava along the slopes of the majestic volcano. A fiery liquid erupting violently and then flowing smoothly, the lava is terrifying but in a certain sense sublime. The river of molten rock gushes out rapidly, yet approaches slowly, forever transforming any object in its path. As the magma cools once again, the shapes left behind are incredibly rare and intriguing. At night, Etna is a Dantesque scene of fire, creating a fascinating landscape in its powerful eruption, from which the Lava collection emerges.


All of Osanna Visconti’s creations are fused in bronze using the lost wax technique. This process uses a negative form in which molten metal is cast. An initial wax sculpture is used to create a plaster mould. The wax model, which Osanna kneads and shapes by hand is therefore the principal element giving identity to her creations. During the drying phase in large kilns heated up to 650°C,  the wax is melted and drained away, leaving behind the negative form for casting. After the final stage of chiselling the outer core, the bronze is ready for finishing touches and eventual color patinas.